Geographical focus

The partner countries Ethiopia, Senegal and Uganda have defined ambitious climate-friendly development pathways and have been actively involved in the international climate negotiations and all relevant climate finance mechanisms. They have successfully created scalable Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) programmes and gained experience with the GCF. Several achievements with international visibility have been made, for instance in the area of rural electrification. All three countries have repeatedly piloted innovative concepts. Therefore, all three partner countries offer great opportunities to develop cutting-edge integrated approaches of blending climate finance and market mechanisms to foster the achievement of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) goals.


Ethiopia is one of the countries with the most ambitious NDC target. It has also worked towards institutionalizing its climate finance mobilization strategy, as the Environment, Forests and Climate Change Commission (EFCCC) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) have created the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Facility as a joint vehicle that coordinates all climate flows. The country also has developed several active CDM programmes and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Activities (NAMAs) that are ideally suited to the innovative climate finance models pursued in this project.


Senegal has been involved in the CDM at an early stage and has set up internationally acclaimed CDM rural electrification programmes. Senegal was the first country that received accreditation for a national institution for direct access to the GCF and has successfully mobilized GCF funding. The country also has CDM programmes that are ideally suited for the innovative climate finance models of this project.


Uganda became involved in the CDM at an early stage and was repeatedly represented on the CDM Executive Board. Uganda has the largest CDM portfolio among all least developed countries (LDC) and has anchored some of them within their NDC goals. Uganda has also initiated efforts that seek synergies between climate finance and market mechanisms in the Green Schools NAMA. There are several ongoing activities that are well suited to the innovative climate finance models of the Climate Finance Innovators’ project.